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A KYC Software Solution Designed to Simplify Compliance

Easily manage all your customer’s documents, relationships, periodic reviews, suspicious activity reports (SARs) and more.

GV GRC ios


Our newest KYC software solution and has been expressly designed to simplify the collecting, managing, storing and reporting of all your customer's pertinent KYC information.

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GV GRC Dashboard Desktop


GlobalView GRC's KYC software gives you the power to easily manage and update all of your customer's most important KYC information from a single centralized dashboard.

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GV GRC Android


GlobalView GRC is focused on building affordable and cost effective KYC software solutions designed to simplify KYC compliance and management for financial and non-financial firms.

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GlobalView GRC - A Fully Featured KYC Software Solution

KYC My Tasks

Designed to prevent important KYC tasks “slip-between-the-cracks”, GlobalView GRC’s “My Tasks” page provides every user with full KYC software monitoring and management for upcoming and overdue tasks.
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KYC Dashboard

The GlobalView GRC Customer Dashboard combines KYC information and management into a single easy-to-use webpage.  Update customer information, connect key relationships, add customer notes, report SARs and more.
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kyc relationships

GlobalView GRC’s Customer Dashboard provides the ability to create, update and maintain key relationships from simple to complex across all your customers.
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KYC customers

GlobalView GRC’s KYC “My Customers” page is designed to ensure that knowing your customer is only a mouse click away. Quickly and easily add, search, filter and access all your customer’s KYC details from a single webpage.
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KYC Document

GlobalView GRC’s KYC software also features Document Management for all your customer's KYC documents.  Fully configurable, it allows users to collect, manage, review and track expiry dates for all KYC related documents.
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kyc SAR

Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR)
GlobalView GRC’s allows users to notify MLRO's & Compliance Officers of suspected suspicious activities requiring further review and investigation.
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Who uses GlobalView GRC's KYC software solution?

Financial Institutions (FI's)

Non-Financial Institutions

FI's no matter their size, or global presence, who require a KYC software solution for Customer Identification Program (CIP), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Customer Risk Management, Ongoing Monitoring, and more.

Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) and Portfolio Manager (PM) firms who need an easy-to-use, effective and affordable Know Your Client (KYC) management software that is designed to quickly help firms meet the regulatory obligations of CSA Staff Notice 31-336

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Non-Financial Institutions, such as real estate and legal firms, who are under increasing scrutiny to perform and maintain Know Your Customer (KYC) processes for anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) purposes.

Our KYC Software
Simplifying Compliance
Designed and built to make KYC easier.